ELEVU is a revolutionary display technology that eliminates the need to wear glasses when using your display devices.

A technological solution to an inevitable human condition that begins from around age 40 - blurred near vision, known as Presbyopia.

How does it work?

 ELEVU is a combination of leading edge hardware and software - eye trackers on your device will track the location & position of each eye, communicating dynamically with your display, sharpening the image viewed by you, the user.

Poised to revolutionise the user experience for over a billion users, ELEVU's technology can be integrated into the next generation of the worlds devices. All ages. All equal.

Now, that's inclusive design.

ELEVU devices mockup
*Not actual prototypes


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Median Age  

71 Countries

is over 38

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 Global Internet Users


are 35 and over

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people are 40-65 yrs

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Global Reading Glasses Market

$53.23B USD

Projected for 2026

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*Source of statistics available upon request.


ELEVU is the brainchild of cutting edge Sydney-based tech startup, iMomentum. Co-founded by entrepreneurs (and twin sisters) Melanie & Mistie Halpin, iMomentum has consistently sought to challenge the status quo and fearlessly move forward in the direction of it’s dream - to bring ACCESSIBILITY & INCLUSION back into the user experience for billions of people.

Fed up with the limited display solutions for ageing users struggling to see their device screens, iMomentum has worked tirelessly over the last eight years putting together a team of visionaries whose advanced research and development have resulted in patent rights throughout major regions around the globe. realised in working prototypes.

Pivotal to the team and realisation of ELEVU has been the inspired efforts of Dr Tony Miller. An award winning Computational Mathematician, Dr Miller is formerly of the internationally renowned CSIRO and a recognised pioneer in optical lens design. Having already played a key role in bringing better vision to millions of people worldwide, his mission with iMomentum now continues on an even grander scale.

It’s amazing what hard work and persistence, fueled by the desire for positive change, can achieve - ELEVU.

Melanie Halpin

Melanie Halpin


Mistie Halpin

Mistie Halpin


Dr Tony Miller

Dr Tony Miller

Technology Partner/Co-Inventor


World IP Day -2018

With the top tech vendors all vying to establish themselves as true leaders in innovation, ELEVU's IP offers an unparalleled opportunity to pioneer radical change - a truly INCLUSIVE user experience.

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